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Laser Therapy

LASER is a form of light energy. It was invented in 1960’s. Since then, laser has been used in industry , surgery and dentistry, physiotherapy and the list goes on.

True Laser has unique properties that differs from everyday light. They are:

  • Coherence. Photons travel in phase.
  • Collimation. The beam is minimally divergent over a distance.
  • Monochromatic. From a single source it has a single wavelength.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)  is the photon energy application  to a pathology to promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, swelling and relive pain. It is shown that laser application stimulates some chemical reactions in the tissues.  This happens due to photoreceptors in cells that absorb photon energy.  This may be stimulating their activity causing increased biochemical reactions  in tissues.  In studies, it is shown that  duration and intensityof application may have different effects on these biochemical reactions (6). It is athermal meaning   has no heat with low power output ( 1-500 mW).

The effectiveness of  LLLT has been studied over the years. Currently,  LLLT is used effectively to treat neck pain , chronic wound management. Some other applications of Laser  are:

  • Osteoarthritis, 
  • chronic joint pain
  • neck pain
  • lower back pain
  • shoulder and elbow  problems
  • foot pain
    and others.

Although, it is generally a safe application, certain safety standards have to be applied during applications. Contraindications, adverse effects  and precautions need to be taken into account when using LASER for therapeutic purposes.



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