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We believe shoulder pain is treatable in short periods of time!!

You may be suffering from a shoulder pain due to various reasons or you may be diagnosed with a;

  • Rotator cuff tendon problems or injury,
  • Impingement,
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Bursitis
  • Frozen shoulder
    and so on…

At Move Well Physiotherapy, we aim to reduce pain and the use of pain killer after the first session.

We can relieve the intensity of frozen shoulder very effectively. In our clinic, an instant and significant positive effect in the first session is quite common. Most of our patients can return their normal life in 1 to 4 weeks.

Our physiotherapy programs involve a special manual therapy technique that we use. It is an active mobilization of the shoulder joint with movement. The technique is painless. It restores movement in the shoulder. (That is by freeing any impingements and adhesions in the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint and it stimulates normal physiological muscular response.

We also use exercises that are chosen carefully to prevent flare-ups, directed to strengthen shoulder stabilizers and torch generators. These exercises are important to maintain the recovery and normal function as the pain settles.

In other words, the whole program is effective and efficient in the management of wide variety of shoulder problems.

We always aim to be your reliable medical help source have you return your normal life happier and stronger.