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In Australia, 16% of the population suffer from self-reported back pain. This was based on the data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-2018. The Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015, reported that back pain and its problems were the second leading cause of burden overall, accounting for 4.1% of Australia’s total disease burden.
We are not quite sure what causes back pain; however, the studies show that certain determinants such as misaligned biomechanical forces on the spine, deformation of the spinal structures like Modic changes, age and trauma might be some of the causes.
In this presentation, we discuss the relationship between biomechanics of lumbar lordosis and back pain.
Spine is the body part that the gravitational forces and our body weight counteracts on. From this perspective, the solution might be the reduction of the gravitational loading on our spine. So, in summary, back pain seems to be a significant health problem that we suffer from. Its management is challenging and costly. Using a good posture with greater stability in the lumbar spine might be one of the easier solutions.